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Kudo International federation Malta


+356 799 55955

Apply now and get free kimono

Apply now for Kudo, TRX, MFR and Functional training. Pay for three months worth of Kudo lessons and get a free Kimono. Choose and fill in an application form based on participant’s age and bring it to our facilities with an ID card. If you have any questions, please contact us on +356 799 55955 or

Kudo is Japanese Mixed Martial Art Budo


Kudo (空道 Kūdō) is a Japanese mixed martial art.

It’s a full-contact, mixed combat sport, that is practised to come as close to realistic physical conflict as possible, without the dangers of injury. The great thing about Kudo is that the art is practised with protective clothing, head-guards and gloves. Along with strict rules and regulations, Kudo teaches specialised techniques for “real combat” from locks, restraints and grappling, to throwing and ground fighting. Read more

Our training programmes


Our week schedule for training kids, teenagers, adults and other lessons

Kudo kids & juniors

Safe for kids with it’s entire protection gear

Kudo teens & adults

Discipline and leadership skills useful in real life


Self-weight training to work out the muscles of the whole body

Functional training & MFR

Entire body development and myofascial release of muscles

Fight training

Development of strike techniques from various martial arts

Kudo Malta Dojo

We are at Melita Football Club in Pembroke