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Kudo International federation Malta


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Meet the team

Oleg Melnikov – Main Kudo Instructor

  • Black belt 2 Dan in KUDO, Candidate for Master of Sports in KUDO
  • Black belt 1 Dan by Taekwon-DO (ITF)
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt (BJJ)

Oleg has a long history with martial arts; he’s been practising for 25 years!

With extensive training in Kudo, Taekwon-Do, as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Oleg is able to set up comprehensive, personalised training programmes for everyone, regardless of age.

Oleg has many won a diverse range of Russian and International competitions in both Kudo, Taekwon-Do and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and professionally supports his students with knowledge, experience and passion for Kudo.

Tatiana Melnikova

TRX, MFR and Functional training instructor

  • International diploma “Fitness Instructor”
  • International diploma TRX FTC / TRX STC
  • International diploma “Instructor of group classes in aerobics and step aerobics, power and interval classes, tai-Bo and stretching”
  • International diploma “Personal trainer bodybuilding and fitness”

With 18 years’ experience, Tatiana is an expert at delivering classes ranging from power to interval, stretching to yoga and is always ready to challenge your fitness goals.

When Tatiana isn’t attending overseas training courses, she conducts functional training for comprehensive physical development for children and adults, and is a well respected personal trainer!

Check out her certificates.

International certificates:

  • Functional training
  • (MFR) Myofascial release
  • B.E.S.T fit
  • Athletic stretch

We look forward to meeting you and your child and getting development, kick-started!