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Functional training & MFR

Functional training

Functional training is the full development of the whole range of muscles in the body, using special equipment (fit-balls, dumbbells, jump ropes, expanders, ribbons, weights, sandbags) along with your own body weight.

What’s the main goal? Development of strength, endurance, speed and coordination whilst strengthening the cardiovascular and respiratory system.

Functional training has been proven to accelerate athletic performance, for both beginners and trained athletes.

Apparel: T-shirt, pants / shorts / leggings, sneakers.

The recommended last meal is 1.5 hours before class.

Call for details: +356 7939 9097

Functional training lessons


Myofascial release is self-massage using rollers, aimed at relaxing and reducing muscle tension.

Rolling muscles using the pressure of your own weight has a positive effect on blood circulation and reduces muscle imbalance, therefore easing any muscular pain.

Classes are exceptionally useful to athletes recovering from training, or as a way to rebalance your body after working long office hours.

Apparel: T-shirt, pants / shorts / leggings, socks.

(Any food is to be eaten no later than 1.5 hours before class)

Call for details: +356 7939 9097

MFR training